Introducing the new SpaceVac Explorer!

Introducing the new SpaceVac Explorer!

21/10/2020 About SpaceVac Product Focus 0

The team at SpaceVac are delighted to unveil the latest addition to our ever-growing range of Specialist Cleaning equipment – the brand new SpaceVac Explorer Camera and Monitoring System!

The wireless camera and monitoring system that accompanies SpaceVac has long been a very popular part of our system – allowing operators to keep an eye on work in real-time from the ground floor. Now, however; working closely with our specialist manufacturing centre, our engineering team have developed and released a brand new system packed with new features and cutting edge camera technology.


This incredible new system is the most powerful, flexible and efficient camera system available anywhere in the specialist cleaning marketplace and is jam-packed with a whole range of innovative new features for users including;

  • Newly designed aerodynamic action camera form
  • Incredible 9 hour battery life to allow for day-long operation with no need for charging on the go
  • Full 360-degree rotating camera lens
  • Ultra-durable construction for use in even the harshest cleaning environments
  • Fully waterproof construction.
  • Loop recording mode for overwriting when internal storage reaches capacity.
  • Waterproof connection points for external devices and power suppy
  • High-quality low light performance to allow for easy monitoring in dimly lit areas or when working at night
  • High-quality video performance featuring 1080p full HD video recording and 12MP stills.
  • User-friendly operation.


A Brave New World

The Camera transmits its signal in real-time to the mobile screen (which includes Wi-Fi capability) using our new Spacevac app – pre-installed on the handset and paired ready for action. The camera can, however, also pair with any other mobile device as well allowing the user to utilise their own phone if desired.

And if all of these new features are starting to sound a little “Space-age” well – they are! You see, testament to its engineering pedigree; the systems ability to withstand huge G forces and operate in weightless atmospheres, whilst also being designed to withstand water, dirt and bumps made it well suited to the rigours of space travel. This led to this amazing camera technology being put to work on the NASA Funded ‘Orbital Sciences’ space mission recently as well!


Explore New Heights…

The system is the perfect upgrade to our Spacevac high-level cleaning systems; providing operators with a clear view of the work in progress along with the ability to record images or video footage for evidence of work or HD video footage for client marketing purposes.

In addition – When combined with our Spacevac telescopic inspection pole systems, the system is perfect for any inspection purposes such as Pest control, Security, Emergency services or Building inspections.

This flexibility makes the camera system an ideal investment for clients with a diverse portfolio of responsibilities – such as partners in the Facilities Management and Building Service sectors. In addition to the many new and exciting features, the Explorer system also features a “remote access function”. This game changing new functionality, allows the operator to share a live view of cleaning work in progress with their client or management – even offsite – for a swift response to any onsite issues.

Connecting users in this unique new way provide a new level of access to users that revolutionises control and communication in the specialist cleaning and facilities management sectors.

Be sure to book a free demonstration of SpaceVac on your premises and see for yourself the impact that our high-level systems and brand new monitoring solution could have on your cleaning and Facilities Management regime. Find the short booking form located here.


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