Guest Blog for My Dust Explosion Research

Guest Blog for My Dust Explosion Research

25/07/2018 SpaceVac Around the World 0
SpaceVac Industrial cleaning in a warehouse wall

Our Technical Manager Andy, has penned a guest blog this week for the team at My Dust Explosion on the dangers of built up combustible dust.

Check out the introduction below and click through using the link below to read the article in full.

“One of the first sectors that quickly saw the need to remove high-level dust was the Food & Drink sector who often find themselves dealing with the issues our system set out to help resolve.

By its very nature, Food & Drink oftentimes requires the transportation, storage and processing of all kinds of raw ingredients – from flour and wheat through to sugar, salt, pepper and many more. When working with these materials there are always residual dust left behind which – due to the light weight of the particles – will often float upwards and settle on the way back down to earth – on top of machinery, pipework, ducting and anything else standing between it and the floor.

While some sugar cast-offs might not seem like a huge issue on first glance, as regular readers of this site will be aware, these kind of organic matters – when in a confined space and deflagrated dispersed into regular air can be especially hazardous – creating the perfect environment for an explosion (deflagration)!

In these situations – all that would be required to ignite a massive explosion would be a source of heat i.e. a single static spark and so it is crucial that food & drink operators not only deploy the correctly rated equipment but also maintain regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent the build up of these potentially combustible materials.

Click through to read the article in full here.


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