Product Focus: 50mm – 38mm Adapter

Product Focus: 50mm – 38mm Adapter

20/07/2018 Product Focus 0
38mm to 50mm adapter

Over the last few months we’ve shared a few blogs on specific parts of the SpaceVac system and today we thought we would share a short post on our 38-50mm pole adapter.

This particular accessory is sold as an add-on to our External high-level cleaning system.

As you might already know our External system utilises a set of 50mm cleaning poles and tools, where our Internal and ATEX sets use a 38mm diameter.

The reason for this is that the additional 12mm helps to improve airflow when cleaning at height and also helps to reduce potential blockages from the kind of heavy duty debris that gets cleaned from blocked gutters with SpaceVac.

Sometimes however, our customers would like to take their External systems inside and use them to remove high-level dust on Internal areas as well. Enter our 38-50mm adaptor.

This simple lightweight adaptor, attaches to the top of our 50mm cleaning poles and allows operators to attach the cleaning heads and tools from our 38mm Internal cleaning set. While these are of course sold separately, it does provide a simple cost effective way to maximise the potential use of SpaceVac on your property.

Find out more by booking a demo of the system today on your premises for free. Visit this link here to complete a booking form, or call the team direct on 01604 968668


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