SpaceVac & The Logistics Sector

SpaceVac & The Logistics Sector

08/07/2020 About SpaceVac 0
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The SpaceVac Internal cleaning system is the easiest and safest way of keeping high level dust out of warehousing and logistics facilities. 

The systems unique benefits has seen some of the biggest companies in the world turning to SpaceVac for keeping their facilities at their very best. Warehousing presents a unique challenge for cleaning companies and facilities managers. Not only are these spaces very large with high ceilings, but these facilities are often very busy and tightly packed with racking, machinery, stock and staff members working.

To add further complexity, between the walls, racking, ducting, piping, light and cable trays and more – there are a multitude of areas that dust can settle on and quickly accumulate.

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All of these different areas will all require a different approach to cleaning them and SpaceVac has a number of key benefits that make it the perfect solution for cleaning in these areas:

  • Flexible range of tools and accessories to provide cleaning solutions for a variety of environments and challenges, with users quickly able to change between tools and complete cleans.
  • Low operational footprint means that the system can be used with minimal impact on the surrounding area. Cleaning work can be completed without affecting other workers or vehicles in the area.
  • The light and easy to manouevre pole system is perfect for use in confined space between aisles of racking – users can quickly work their way through facilities.
  • Cleaning in this way means that even cleaning the largest facilities take a fraction of the time it would take traditional methods. In addition – removing the need for access equipment like cherry pickers or scaffolding makes this cleaning work signifcantly cheaper for companies as well.

The internal system – from our classic to our heavy duty Pro and Ultra lines are currently in use at some of the biggest Logistics companies in the world including Kuehne & Nagel and Wincanton.

Be sure to contact us today to discuss your particular high-level cleaning requirements and how SpaceVac can help! 


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