Why You Should Keep Your Gutters Clean

Why You Should Keep Your Gutters Clean

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While SpaceVac now offers a range of products aimed at different environments and price points, the roots of our high-level cleaning system lie in gutter cleaning which was the first product to be released bearing the SpaceVac name.

This game changing innovation, meant that operators could remove blockages from blocked guttering and downpipes without having to access these areas via items like ladders or scaffolding – making the whole process substantially faster and cheaper – not to mention safer.

Some Context… 

Given that they are exposed to the elements all of the time, gutters become something of a natural trap for all kinds of materials. This can range from dirt, soil, leaves and twigs, to in extreme cases even nesting birds and other animals. Over time these blockages can build up and as a result when rainwater runs along the channels it isn’t able to take its usual route. This is when building owners will begin notice drips developing. Indeed these drips can lead to a discolouration of brickwork so lookout for patches of discolouration around downpipes and joins; these are often a tell tale sign of a drip – and thus a blockage.

If left unchecked these blockages can cause a range of problems for the building owners and inhabitants including

  • Structural damage to the building itself. It’s easy to forget but water can be a very powerful element and one that can wreak havoc on the structural integrity of buildings
  • As well as structural problems, residual water can often lead to mould and damp patches developing inside of the building as well requiring attention immediately.
  • The knock on effects of these can be particularly unpleasant for the inhabitants of the building – especially those suffering with respiratory conditions whos conditions can be aggravated by the presence of this damp.
  • In some extreme cases, we’ve even known clients to have been refused coverage by the insurance company, or refused payment in the event of a claim as the results of damage have been found to be the result of poor external gutter maintenance.

Clearly all of these outcomes are especially worrisome for cleaners, FMs and building owners – especially when the solution can be a simple and easy as SpaceVac! Indeed all of our external systems even come with a really useful wireless camera and monitor system, to enable users to investigate the area before cleaning, and monitor their progress in real time – again, all from the safety of the ground!

The best way to see for yourself the difference SpaceVac could make to your guttering and downpipes is to book a demo on your site today! Use the short form below to book today!


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