Why Should I Consider Renting a SpaceVac?

Why Should I Consider Renting a SpaceVac?

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At SpaceVac, we want to provide a wide range of systems that will give people years of high-quality use. It doesn’t matter what your circumstances and budget are, we will have an option for you. But sometimes, renting a cleaning system can be the right choice. A short-term rental opportunity can make sense for you for several reasons. This could be to save money or practical reasons as you only need to use it once.

This year we’ve launched an exclusive new rental service across the UK. We aim to provide flexible hire options for a range of systems. This includes gutter vac equipment to hire and ATEX cleaning, ATEX supplies, and other high-quality systems. You also have the choice to hire a system for as little time as three days; this also gives you the chance to test out the product before making a purchase.

If you’re trying to work out whether you should buy or rent, this blog will help you make a decision. Let’s explore some of the reasons why you should rent a SpaceVac.


When to Rent a SpaceVac

While there are many reasons for hiring a SpaceVac that is different for every person, rental options offer flexibility. They can also make things more simple than committing to an outright purchase when you’re not sure. Here are some of the main reasons our customers have chosen SpaceVac hire:


Lower Costs

Depending on the system you want, you will have to invest money when buying outright. When renting, you remove the risk of paying a lot of money for something that isn’t the right option for you. You can try before you buy and make sure you’re making the right investment.


Guaranteed Quality

When using SpaceVac rental, you ensure all your equipment will work to the highest quality. Any systems you rent will have been serviced by our specialist engineers and cleaning professionals. You can have peace of mind you’re getting the best system in the industry.


Flexible Rental Options

You can save money by only hiring the system for as long as you need it. We offer rental packages as short as three days so you don’t have to have the system for longer than you need.


Ideal For Specific Tasks

If your business only needs a particular system now and again, rental packages are a great solution. You can hire the system when and if you need it. Rather than buying it and not using it for most of your work tasks.


Simple and Convenient

We can deliver your equipment directly to your business for the exact date you need. Our rental service takes away any complications, so you can benefit from hiring your chosen system.


Test The Waters

As well as being a short term solution, you can also try a product before purchasing it for the long term. You have the opportunity to give SpaceVac an extended trial to find out if it’s right for you.

Now you know some of the benefits of SpaceVac rental, what tasks would you need a system for? Let’s explore some of our high-quality gutter vacuum systems:


Gutter-Vac Hire

At SpaceVac, we offer industry-leading external gutter cleaning equipment. From residential use to industrial and high-level applications. The SpaceVac gutter vacuum system is for external use and designed for high-reach usage. They’re a heavy-duty tool for cleaning fascias and unblocking guttering and drainpipes. You don’t have to worry about using ladders or other equipment as you can clean gutters up to 16m high.

Gutter vac hire is a great option if your business doesn’t need regular gutter cleaning. Gutter maintenance of any property is important. But, if you’re not going to be cleaning gutters every day, gutter vac hire may be a better investment.

The biggest benefit of SpaceVac gutter vacuum systems is you don’t have to risk your safety when cleaning. Our high-reach SpaceVac gutter vacuum system allows you to clean your gutters without leaving the ground. You don’t risk falling or any other potential accidents associated with conventional gutter vac hire options. Our gutter cleaning systems allow you to remove leaves, moss, or any other debris or blockages easily and without any risks.

But, we don’t only offer external cleaning systems at SpaceVac. We offer high-quality internal cleaning systems as well as ATEX Cleaning systems and ATEX supplies:


ATEX Cleaning Systems

Since our first-ever SpaceVac kit launch over a decade ago, we haven’t stopped growing and developing our products. This is why our ATEX cleaning systems and ATEX supplies are industry-leading pieces of equipment. An example of this is the material we use to manufacture our kits. For example, ATEX cleaning systems utilise carbon fibre for all the system’s poles to ensure they’re durable but still lightweight.

All our systems feature a safety locking mechanism to ensure the kits stay sealed together. This removes the risk of any part of the ATEX cleaning system separating or getting stuck. One of the things that make our ATEX supplies and systems stand out is the optional wireless monitor and camera kit. It allows you to see everything you’re doing from the ground in any lighting or conditions.

Our ATEX cleaning systems are designed for use in industrial factory environments where combustion is a risk. These areas are known as explosive atmospheres and require specialist equipment to clean safely. Our ATEX cleaning systems are 100% fully conductive to ensure there is no chance of any sparks occurring. This gives you total peace of mind while you’re cleaning that you’re not only safe but getting the job done effectively.

Our range of ATEX supplies includes a range of specialist equipment that provides flexible options for operators. These include anti-static brushes and carbon fibre heads to guarantee a spark-free application. Our ATEX supplies, heads, and tools interlock with each other to provide you with a custom option. This allows you to create a bespoke design that is ideal for your business. With a configuration that is tailored for your business, you can get the most out of your ATEX cleaning system.

All our SpaceVac rental systems arrive with their complete set of cleaning poles, heads and tools, and supplies. If you need a specific tool with your rental package, such as unique camera systems, let one of our team know. We aim to provide the rental package that most matches your needs. To find out more about SpaceVac rental, get in touch today:


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