Why Gutter Cleaning Is Important

Why Gutter Cleaning Is Important

14/11/2016 Product Focus Tutorials 0


In the latest in his series of blogs, our technical manager Andy talks about the gutter cleaning capabilities of the SpaceVac system. 

Hi everyone. Its been another busy week in the workshop as we prepare for to head to Dubai for Middle East Cleaning Technology Week. The event is a huge cleaning and technology expo and I can’t wait to see some of the new developments hitting the market. I’m sure we can find a way to pass our spare time in Dubai as well…

In the meantime though, with Autumn firmly upon us, I thought it might be useful to talk a little bit today about the falling leaves and the damage these can do to your home or office building.

Personally I love Autumn – but with the trees shedding all of their leaves, your gutter can very quickly become blocked and so its important to keep on top of your gutter cleaning. It might sound like quite an innocuous thing – indeed many people completely forget about needing to clean out gutters – the guttering is actually a really important part of the structure of the house.

You see when guttering gets blocked, any rainfall still needs to find a route of escape. The result is often dripping and leaky gutters where the water can’t drain away down the usual route. Over time – this constant flow of dripping water can cause big problems with the structural integrity of your property.

A good way to see if your gutters might be blocked is by checking the exterior when the outside of the house is dry. If you can see darker, stained patches – typically around the downpipes – then thats a good indication that you might have a blockage.

The problems though are not just limited to the outside of the house – with water taking irregular routes – you can often end up with patches of residual damp inside the house which not only pose further structural issues but also health implications for the people who live in the house too. Those with respiratory conditions will be keenly aware of the need to avoid patches of damp inside the house – especially in the winter.

Fortunately – our system offers operators a quick and simple way to clean out guttering. Our 50mm poles offer superior airflow to other systems on the market that utilise smaller 38mm poles. This enables us to quickly clean out blocked guttering – removing everything from leaves to pine cones! Further we also supply a range of tools and heads to get into tight crevices, down blocked downpipes and a wide range of scenarios – indeed we even offer a ‘boxed gutter’ head to clean out the box guttering systems found on commercial properties. All powered by our range of lightweight carbon fibre poles – manufactured right here in the UK.

To find out more; here’s a short video we just added to our Youtube channel that shows our market leading gutter cleaning system in action:

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