What Is ATEX Certified Equipment?

What Is ATEX Certified Equipment?

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Everything You Need To Know About ATEX Certified Equipment

A product with ATEX certification has been fully tested and approved for use in hazardous/explosive atmospheres. ATEX refers to the two European Directives for regulating explosive atmospheres:


  1. Directive 1999/92/EC (‘ATEX 153’ or ‘ATEX Workplace Directive’)
  2. Directive 2014/34/EU (‘ATEX 114′ or ‘ATEX Equipment Directive’)


A wide range of substances and chemicals such as flammable gases, mists, vapours, and combustible dust can cause explosive atmospheres. Even a small ignition source in an explosive atmosphere could lead to a damaging explosion. ATEX equipment is categorised as safe for use in these potentially hazardous environments.

What is ATEX Certified Equipment Used For?

ATEX is a European certification for intrinsically safe equipment that has been tested and certified. The term ‘Intrinsically Safe’ refers to specially designed equipment that’s safe to use in explosive atmospheres and hazardous environments. When working in areas with a large volume of combustible substances in the air, the equipment being used needs to guarantee a spark-free operation.


When cleaning in an explosive atmosphere, ensure you use ATEX cleaning equipment. If a product or piece of equipment has received formal ATEX certification, it has been thoroughly tested and authorised for use in hazardous or explosive environments. Any equipment that hasn’t been ATEX certified won’t feature the official ‘Ex’ logo and shouldn’t be brought onto a site with explosive atmospheres.


There is a wide range of ATEX tools and cleaning equipment available. The right ATEX equipment for your business depends on your circumstances. Explore the variety of ATEX tools available to discover which ATEX equipment matches your requirements.

SpaceVac ATEX Equipment

  1. ATEX Lite
  2. ATEX Pioneer
  3. ATEX Pro 38mm & 50mm


The ATEX Lite high-reach cleaning system is fully conductive and comes fitted with a variety of innovative cleaning equipment and attachments. It’s designed as an entry-level cleaning solution for operators who work in specialised explosive environments. The ATEX cleaning equipment is the fastest and safest way to remove hazardous combustible dust before it poses a threat to staff and your property.

ATEX Pioneer

Operating with up to 20 feet of reach, the ATEX Pioneer allows operators to clean high-level areas from the safety of the ground. Any combustible materials such as paper, wood, or flour often form above head height. Use this ATEX tool to remove combustible dusts quickly and safely. A powerful mid-range system, the ATEX Pioneer is ideal for occasional users.

ATEX Pro 50mm

SpaceVac’s patent-pending 50mm ATEX Pro system is a heavy-duty tool specifically designed for the most challenging industrial cleaning jobs. The 50mm version of our ATEX cleaning equipment ensures fewer blockages and improves airflow. This makes taking on the toughest cleaning tasks simpler and safer for any operator working in an explosive atmosphere.

Accessories & Add-Ons

All SpaceVac ATEX cleaning equipment can be customised with a wide range of accessories and add-ons. These features have been designed by our team to provide additional options for operators to improve ease of use, the system’s effectiveness, and ensure safety for everyone using the ATEX cleaning equipment. For internal and external ATEX tools, there is a wide range of accessories available.

SpaceVac ATEX Cleaning Equipment

At SpaceVac, we offer a wide range of innovative ATEX equipment, tools, and accessories. If you work in a business where combustible dust builds up causing an explosive atmosphere, invest in safe and effective ATEX cleaning equipment. Ensure the safety of staff and the workplace by removing the risks posed by explosive atmospheres today.


Discover the best ATEX tools for your workplace, get in touch with Spacevac’s expert team.

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