Water Great Idea…

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Water Great Idea…

09/08/2017 Product Focus Tutorials 0

This week on the blog, we thought we’d let our Technical Manager Andy talk about a recent innovation in the product line led by feedback from our customers…

While we like to think that we are pretty proactive when it comes to updating and developing our system (as evidenced by the launch of our new carbon-fibre cleaning heads and the rollout of our Safety Locking mechanism across the full range of poles and tools) but sometimes, the best source of innovation can be our end users – who are often the teams putting the system through its paces day in and day out.

Over the past few years we have worked with a number of clients to develop new tools for a specific purpose – a great example being when we adapted our high-reach systems to work at ground floor level to allow operators to clean underneath the extensive racking and machinery in place in manufacturing facilities. Just this last week we were very proud to release a new tool that enables operators to remove water and condensation.

Water and condensation often builds up in places like chilled storage units and food processing facilities where the temperatures are meant to be kept low. Clearly in the example of a food plant, this poses a risk as this condensation could end up in the food supply chain. With this in mind we have been working with a client in the US, to develop a range of new tools for the removal of this problem moisture.

The two custom tools we have developed are custom built to give operators two options for removing water on beams and racking – with two rubber squeegees to scrape water into the high-powered vacuum. Indeed the second of these tools even features a full 360 degree rotation to allow operators to clean in even the toughest of spots.

Its important to note that this tool should only be used with an appropriately rated vacuum. Wet / Dry Vacs are designed to hold water inside of them and thus dont pose a safety risk to operators. A standard vacuum however might not offer the same level of protection so please be sure to discuss your requirements with us before purchasing this tool and putting it to use.

You can see the tool in action in the short video above, but to see it in action – call the team today to book a demo on 01604 968668 or tweet our Demo Manager Grant directly @SpaceVacDM

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