Update from SpaceVac Specialist Cleaning Team

Update from SpaceVac Specialist Cleaning Team

24/01/2020 Uncategorized 0

As you may recall from previous entries here on the blog, in addition to manufacturing a range of high-level cleaning systems, we also operate a specialist cleaning division as well.

Some of our clients, prefer to in-source a specialist cleaning service for their high-level cleaning requirements; sometimes for budgetary reasons, and sometimes because there isn’t sufficient resource to clean the areas internally. Here our team are able to offer fast and efficient removal of all sorts of materials from a range of different environments. This week our operations manager Rob Kruck gave us an update from a week on the frontlines of the war on combustible dust…

“As you might expect from the name “SpaceVac Specialist Cleaning”, most of our clients bring us in to work with them onsite, because they have very specific requirements that for one reason or another, they can’t or won’t carry out themselves.

This is understandable – we are often working with specialist equipment in very hazardous areas and as such it’s imperative that everyone involved is highly trained and equipped for the job. This last week in the life of SSC has been an excellent example of this as we’ve been working in a fairly diverse range of environments.

At the end of last week, the team were working in a large coffee processing facility in the South of England. As you can see from the photos – while we look equipped for a mission to Mars, we had to be working in this level of PPE due to the hazardous materials present in the air. In addition the dust we were collecting was highly combustible (indeed – the smaller the particle, the more combustible they are!) which gave us a great opportunity to put our ATEX system to work.

Later in the week the ATEX system got another run out in a large aluminium manufacturing facility which was producing a lot of dust and shavings as part of the manufacture process. Aluminium is again another highly combustible material requiring co start vacuum removal to ensure the risk of ignition and secondary explosion is minimised.

As the week comes to a close, we’ve been locking together our internal ultra systems to help us carry out cleaning in a huge logistics warehouse. These kinds of facilities are a magnet for dirt and dust – not ideal when the rafters in some places reach almost 20m in height. Here our new ultra poles allowed us to easily reach these increased heights.

As you can see; while we might have to work within a fairly diverse range of environments each week – the one thing that is clear each day, is what a universal solution SpaceVac can be to all of these different business sectors. To talk to me and the team about your specialist cleaning requirements and see how we can help – get in touch today! (LINK)

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