This New Year Make Sure All Your High Levels Are Cleaned

This New Year Make Sure All Your High Levels Are Cleaned

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Warehouse cleaning

John Wesley, in a sermon in 1778, stated that “cleanliness is next to Godliness”. It’s a phrase that still gets used today to state that somehow being clean is a sign of spiritual purity. It’s more relevant to state if you’re cleaning at height, e.g. in a warehouse, that you’re just that bit closer to the big man (or woman).

All joking aside, cleaning is an important factor in all our lives. Whether that’s personal hygiene or dusting and polishing our homes. When it comes to industrial cleaning in high places, then it becomes a whole new ball game where a duster just isn’t going to cut it.

Clean And Safe Working Environment

If you own or work in a warehouse or any commercial property that requires people to work at height, then you’re going to need specialised services to ensure it remains a clean and safe working environment. It’s easy to focus on the floor and lower levels when it comes to cleaning, but those out-of-sight, out-of-mind areas need cleaning too.


There are some obvious dangers that become apparent when working at height, regardless of the job being done. The health and safety of workers are paramount. The Work at Height Regulations of 2005 places a duty of care on employers, the self-employed and any other person who controls the work of others. This can include but is not limited to, facilities managers or building owners.


When working at height, the law requires that all work needs to be planned and organised. No more spontaneous cleaning the tops of storage racks! It also requires that those who carry out the work are competent (i.e. trained and risk assessed). If they are in the process of being trained, then they need to work under the supervision of someone who has been deemed competent.

Risk Assessed

Speaking of risk, the work itself needs to be thoroughly risk-assessed and that any appropriate safety equipment needs to be specified and used correctly. It also means that any equipment needs to be properly inspected and maintained including harnesses. This may also include scaffolding, mobile elevated working platform (MEWP), sometimes known as a ‘cherry-picker’ or a hydraulic scissor lift.

The law also requires that working at height should be avoided where possible, but obviously, there are plenty of premises where it needs to be done. If you work in a warehouse or storage facility with high-rise racks, cleaning is inevitable for the health and safety of those who work there.

High-Level Cleaning Pipes

Cleaning gutters

One area that often gets overlooked, especially when it comes to high-level cleaning, are pipes. Dust, debris and grime accumulate on pipes, grilles and ducts. This can also be a problem in facilities like laboratories, medical production and food preparation areas, often where the height isn’t deemed to be that great.


Cleaning is often the last thing on the mind of those running high-pressure businesses, but industrial cleanliness, whilst it might not be next to Godliness, it’s very, very close to ensuring the health and safety of those who work with you, for you and under you.

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