The Swiss Army Knife of Cleaning

The Swiss Army Knife of Cleaning

02/07/2019 Case Studies Product Focus 0

Ever since we launched our high-level cleaning system to the market a decade ago, our team of engineers have been hard at work; constantly refining and improving the system with each passing year.

Ever since that simple gutter cleaning solution was first launched, we have developed its useability – not only by developing versions of the system for use inside and within specialist explosive atmospheres – but by improving the functionality of each system as well.

One example of this development has been the introduction of our safety locking mechanism  on our poles and tools (a subject you can read more about over here) and another great example is the interconnecting nature of the whole system.

See, by utilising a uniform attachment mechanism on all of our poles, poles and tools, it means that all of the elements of the system can interconnect however you require. This can provide especially useful in a number of situations;

Firstly – the ability to create custom shaped heads and angles, means that the system can easily clean over, around, and under and obstacle. This has proven to be especially useful in industrial and manufacturing facilities – where the cleaning team need to work around lots of intricate, immovable machinery and ducting etc.

The other area this interconnecting functionality has proven especially useful is when trying to clean large recessed areas at height. This issue is demonstrated in the photograph below:

Here, the large area of the panel hanging down from the celling, with the additional obstacle of the stairs make cleaning dust from the whole of the panel troublesome. By interconnecting the cleaning heads with the half pole – the system is able to reach up and over and easily remove the dust that built up. All the while keeping an eye on proceedings with our camera and monitoring system!

See for yourself how useful SpaceVac could be on your premises in the meantime by booking a free demo!

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