The Benefits of SpaceVac Lite on Internal Areas

The Benefits of SpaceVac Lite on Internal Areas

11/12/2019 Product Focus 0
SpaceVac High Reach System cleaning at the commercial building

While our external cleaning system and internal ultra poles might be able to clean up to 20m high, there are a number of other products in the SpaceVac range designed for use at lower heights – all with just as much of an impact on their environments. 

One such product is our entry level SpaceVac lite system. This is an entry level product that has been designed with first time users in mind, or user operators that perhaps don’t have regular high-level cleaning work but feel they could add new revenue streams to their business by adding these services.

Our clients have fed back that retail and office spaces have been particularly popular for SpaceVac to get to work in. Inside of these kinds of facilities there are plenty of uses and benefits to putting SpaceVac lite to use above head height, where conventional vacuuming can’t help.

These difficult to reach areas however, are often a crucial part of building maintenance. With SpaceVac LITE you can easily:

  • Reduce fire risk by removing dust from lights and cable trays thus preventing dust layer ignition and light fittings from overheating.
  • Keep premises secure, by removing any debris obscuring CCTV and motion detector devices.
  • Improve the health of occupants by removing the dust from vents that is disturbed and circulated when air conditioners are in use.  Research has shown that removing this dust regularly can help to minimise respiratory complaints such as asthma.
  • Keep pipework, ducting, vents and other high-level areas clear and clean ensuring premises look great all year round!
  • Made of durable lightweight materials, SpaceVac LITE also features our unique Safety Locking Mechanism to offer total operator safety during use.
  • While still built to the same exacting standards as the rest of the SpaceVac line and still retaining some of the crucial safety features (such as our safety locking mechanism) that our customers love; SpaceVac LITE has been developed to fit a very clear gap in the market for smaller cleaning companies operating in the domestic and commercial space.

The system’s low cost and fast ROI, means cleaning companies can quickly see a return by offering new services to their existing customers and marking out a clear USP over the competition.

Further; the system’s simple to use nature and low operating weight means anyone can put SpaceVac LITE to work quickly and easily.


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