The Benefits of a Dust-Free Factory

The Benefits of a Dust-Free Factory

29/06/2020 ATEX Resources 0

While it may not seem as though dust is likely to cause much of a problem, dust can become dangerous. When working in an extremely dusty environment, your health is at risk. But why is this? Working in a factory is going to generate high amounts of dust, why should you be worried about how much you distribute into the air?

While we often can’t see dust, as its particles are so minuscule, if we breathe them in, they can cause serious damage to our bodies. In particular, breathing in specific types of dust can cause breathing and lung problems later in life.

Health issues such as silicosis and those brought on by asbestos, for example, can be extremely painful and aggravating to deal with. Therefore, your factory must have some form of procedure in place to ensure that you’re cleaning surfaces, work areas and zones from dust and dirt as much as possible. Here are some tips to ensuring you have a dust-free factory:

Factory Cleaning Tips

Workplace and factory cleaning in this sense is not about controlling germs or stemming the spread of any kind of disease. Instead, it’s about making sure that your work areas are safely cleaned from dust. Dust can be ranked into three particle sizes. While the biggest particles are unlikely to do as much damage to your body as the tiniest ones, they’re still worth protecting against. Otherwise, you may be at risk of causing serious health problems for your team as well as the public.

Therefore, you must make sure to invest in equipment and set cleaning standards which make sure that your factory is completely lifted of dust and debris. You will be able to fit safety filters, for example, which will make sure to safely clear away breathable dust without risk of further dispersal.

In many cases, you may wish to invest in a heavy-duty ventilation system for factory cleaning. A dust-free factory is one which is going to be safe to work in all year round, and for the years to come, too.

Masks Are Not Enough

While it may seem as though personal protection equipment or PPE is likely to help enough to fight back against dust inhalation, you’re going to need to make sure that you use more than just the odd mask. Just because you’re wearing these protective items doesn’t mean that dust cannot find its way into your body. To protect against silicosis and factory dust dispersal all around, you must invest in safety tools as a priority.

This way, when cleaning a factory from top to bottom, you can be sure that your team, any visitors, and any members of the public can continue to work in your premises without fear of contracting any major conditions. The fact is dust is a killer – and you really shouldn’t be taking any chances! Invest in safety equipment now to safely clean down your factory.

Another reason why a dust-free factory is important is because of the risk of combustible dust. Combustible dust is a solid material formed of individual particles that present a fire hazard. It doesn’t matter the shape or size or chemical structure of the particle. If it’s flammable, it is classed as combustible dust. 

This type of dust presents the risk of fire when it’s formed a large concentration in the air. Using a specialist ATEX Pro cleaning system will remove the risk of combustible dust. This will protect your team against respiratory illnesses not only the risk of a fire starting.

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