The 2019 ATEX Range from SpaceVac

The 2019 ATEX Range from SpaceVac

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Our patented ATEX Cleaning System is a revolution in high-level cleaning; bringing our award winning technology into specialist explosve atmospheres worldwide…

As anyone cleaning within the sector already knows – ATEX and other explosive-certified areas present a unique challenge for cleaners.

In developing our patented ATEX cleaning system SpaceVac has sought to address these challenges by developing a completely anti-static version of our high-level cleaning system. Ensuring no static and a guaranteed no-spark operation to mean it is safe for use within these highly combustible areas – where a single spark can present a significant risk to both life and property.

The ATEX range is a 100% carbon variant of our cleaning tools, poles and accessories that has been quickly adopted across a range of sectors internationally – from food & drink preparation facilities – where explosive dusts like flour and sugar can quickly build up – to more industrial settings like woodshops, paintshops and manufacturing facilities.

Our dedication to user safety meant that our ATEX system was the first of its kind on the market to be fully tested and certified as a complete system.

The expanded 2019 ATEX line features a number of new models for different price points and types of environments.

Our new ATEX Lite system, offers an entry-level version of our ATEX technology for users cleaning at lower heights who perhaps have less frequent cleaning jobs within ATEX environments. At the other end of the range, our new 50mm ATEX poles have been developed specifically for heavy duty users working in industrial settings producing large amounts of waste by-products. The 50mm variants of the system offers operators increased airflow and less blockages when working within these extreme cleaning conditions.

Finally, the new ATEX Ultra cleaning system, offers operators our most durable ATEX cleaning pole yet. Featuring the same safety locking mechanism as found elsewhere on the range, this new range utilises new developments in carbon technology to offer a pole that can clean far higher than our standard 38mm ATEX pole with improved rigidity and durability. Further these poles are even a lighter weight meaning that even cleaning at a full 20m remains easy and simple with SpaceVac.

See for yourself the difference our new range of ATEX cleaning products could make to you with a free demo on your premises today. Book online today using the short form here or call us on 01604 968668. 



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