SpaceVac Unveil New Drone Powered Cleaning System

SpaceVac Unveil New Drone Powered Cleaning System

01/04/2019 Uncategorized 0
SpaceVac Drone

SpaceVac is excited to unveil the latest addition to our range of specialist cleaning equipment – the SpaceVac Sky Scraper.

The new Sky Scraper is a groundbreaking new addition to the SpaceVac range – providing a cleaning solution allowing operators to clean up to an incredible 100m high from the ground floor by way a radio controlled drone.

The drone quickly and easily sucks up dust, dirt and other debris before shooting it in highly directional blasts to the handy storage container contained at ground level. This revolutionary new device brings the power and simplicity of our high-level cleaning system, without the need for our high-level poles.

SpaceVac Technical Manager Andy Collar noted; “We are always looking for new ways to make our pole system even lighter and easier to use for our customers and this new SpaceVac system is the lightest yet as it doesn’t feature any poles! We often meet prospective clients who are tired of working with telescopic cleaning poles. While these seem really handy in theory – as anyone who has used these extendable systems for long periods of time will know, after a while they become very heavy. This is because whether you are cleaning to 1m above head height or ten, you still have to carry the full weight of the poles around with you.”

“By removing the need for cleaning poles altogether, our operators can be rest assured that after a long day cleaning with the SpaceVac Sky Scraper, the only thing that might be in need of a rest is the drone itself”.

Be sure to book a demo with SpaceVac today to see the power and flexibility that we can offer to anyone looking to clean inaccessible, high-level areas.



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