‘The Sky Is Not The Limit’

‘The Sky Is Not The Limit’

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SpaceVac Technologies Ltd, a subsidiary of R&S Compressors & Cleaning Equipment Ltd are a manufacturing and sales company based in Northampton, selling a wide range of Industrial cleaning machines and services to many businesses around the UK.

After many years of development, we recently launched to the market a range of High level cleaning machines branded “SpaceVac”. The vacuums come in various models to allow industrial, commercial and domestic operators to clean guttering, gullies, hoppers or any area or equipment up to 14metres from ground level.

The SpaceVac system is based around an extremely powerful vacuum that is connected to a set of carbon fibre poles using a flexible hose, the operator can then access the gutters from ground level and can see what they are cleaning by way of a wireless camera sited at the business end of the poles, which in turn transmits a colour picture to a monitor which is attached to the lower pole, enabling the operator to clear debris and remove water, algae and debris. The monitor can take photographs and videos, and also doubles up as a means of doing surveys and recording before and after shots for clients.

The SpaceVac system is particularly welcomed by service providers where it is notoriously difficult with access equipment, also on a lot of sites such as schools, universities, hospitals, where there are no ladder policies, so the introduction of a safer method of working, opens many doors to new customers, contracts and clients. Currently, most companies doing this type of work use scissor lifts, scaffolding, and booms, incurring high rental or equipment costs, with SpaceVac, that’s a cost of the past!

We have a new website which gives you an overview of the equipment, the different models and specifications. There is also a video on the front page that gives you an insight into how the system works practically, featuring the mid-sized commercial model.

Please feel free to contact our Sales office on 01604 760282 and arrange a free demonstration.

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