The SpaceVac Magical Mystery Tour… 

The SpaceVac Magical Mystery Tour… 

19/07/2017 SpaceVac Around the World 0

For this weeks installment of the SpaceVac blog, we’ve handed the keys over to our Demonstrations Manager Grant to tell us about his recent exploits:

I’ve talked on the blog before about how much I enjoy the customer facing side of my job – by offering training to our customers when we deliver their equipment to site – we can not only make sure they are using the kit correctly from the off, but we also get to build relationships with our customers as we do so.

Well – my Linkedin network has certainly been growing the last month as I’ve been literally all over the country rolling out SpaceVac across a large number of Tesco stores nationwide. SpaceVac is a perfect system for the teams onsite as it enables them to quickly and safely keep on top of their maintenance (which will definitely keep the insurance company happy!) in a way that doesn’t impact on the high number of visitors that these stores receive every single day.

Its certainly been an exhausting couple of weeks but it’s been totally worth the miles as we’ve built a great relationship with the teams onsite – building in lots of cases from when we met at the recent Tesco SAT day.

And finally as if some of the Superstores I’ve been visiting over the last few weeks weren’t being enough – I’ve also been lucky enough to spend some time working at two of the UK’s largest airports over the last few weeks helping to rollout SpaceVac to the internal maintenance teams. With their very high ceilings and atriums, there are lots of areas in airports that require a little TLC from time to time and SpaceVac again has risen to the challenge.

To see the system in action for yourself, get in touch today to book a free demo – you can call the team using the number at the top of the page or you can tweet me direct @SpaceVacDM.

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