SpaceVac & FMs – A Match Made in Cleaning Heaven

SpaceVac & FMs – A Match Made in Cleaning Heaven

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Here at SpaceVac we understand that Facilities Management companies occupy a unique space in the cleaning sector…

While dedicated in-house cleaning teams will have set patterns and routines in a regular environment, Facilities Managers have to operate in a much more fluid manner; responding both reactively and proactively to the diverse requirements of its client base; often working across a diverse set of environments to service these requirements.

While the working environments may present a diverse and unusual set of challenges, oftentimes – the operational factors at play will be all too familiar;

  • A need to minimise disruption to workers while cleaning is taking place
  • A requirement the minimise operational downtime and impact on the overall productivity of the facility
  • A need to ensure the highest levels of safety – for both operators and the employees within the vicinity of work taking place
  • A need to maximise ROI and reduce spend in areas such as cleaning.

SpaceVac is proud to be an integral part of the team, when it comes to assisting our colleagues in the FM sector.

Our cleaning solutions not only completely remove the need for working at height – making cleaning work substantially safer for staff – but removing the need for any of the additional access equipment traditionally used in high-level cleaning. This allows for cleans to be completed in significantly faster times, and at a substantial saving compared to traditional methods.

In addition SpaceVac is proud to support our FM partners in a number of important ways:

  • Engineered to the highest standards here in the UK, our fail rate is less than 1% meaning that operators can clean in even the toughest settings, with complete confidence in their equipment
  • Our international dealer network offers worldwide coverage and support to FM partners working in multiple territories to support their clients.
  • Our in-house engineering teams work with teams on the ground to devise and build bespoke tools and functionality in response to customer requirements. This flexible approach allows yo to leave no stone unturned in the quest for the highest levels of cleanliness.
  • Contracts and rollouts of SpaceVac are fully supported by our engineering and training teams ensuring all staff are fully trained of the correct use of SpaceVac

Our holistic approach to working with Facilities Management companies has won us clients across a diverse geography and wide range of sectors. We continue to pride ourselves on being a responsive, flexible member of your team!

In addition our partners in the FM sector continue to turn to SpaceVac for the strategic edge it often gives them in competitive tenders.

In these highly competitive situations, in addition to the substantial time and cost savings offered by the system, SpaceVac also offers a number of other advantages:

  • In new bid/tenders, it is often a requirement of new bidders to provide proposals of new innovations that will provide the client with an environmental reason for choosing bidder. In this instance Spacevac can form a very positive addition to any new tenders.
  • Where existing contracts already have an element of high level cleaning requirements, adding Spacevac to the armoury of equipment adds an efficiency and cost saving that will not have been costed out when tendering, so it presents a fantastic ROI on a current live contract.
  • Existing contracts, where the element of high level cleaning was not originally part of the contract, it can then be added on as an additional project as a very profitable add on, enhancing income stream.

Warehouse cleaning with SpaceVac high level cleaning tool-2

All in all, aside from the obvious safety benefits and savings that can be generated by the use of SpaceVac’s high level cleaning equipment onsite, the addition of our equipment to your services portfolio, presents our FM partners with a unique proposition, that not only helps businesses to achieve its operational goals but also its commercial goals as well.

Talk to our sales team today about your current tender requirements and see how SpaceVac could help you to regain a strategic advantage in competitive bidding situations


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