SpaceVac A Slam Dunk in America

SpaceVac A Slam Dunk in America

26/09/2017 SpaceVac Around the World 0
SpaceVac Gym

Over the last few months I’ve been lucky enough to spend a lot of time travelling with my job here at SpaceVac. Our big Tesco rollout for one has been a big part of time with me travelling all the UK to work with Tescos in house maintenance teams to deliver training on their new SpaceVac systems.

Even more excitingly than that though, has been the opportunity to be involved with the rollout of SpaceVac in other countries as well. Earlier in the year I posted about my trip to Canada to support the launch of SpaceVac in Canada, and this last week I’ve been on the road beginning the same process with our new colleagues at SpaceVac USA.

The new deal for SpaceVac means we now have distribution across all 50 states and as a result I’ve been hard at work on the road started to travel to all of these places and deliver training and demos with the team to impart all of the knowledge I’ve learnt over nearly a decade on the SpaceVac demonstrations team.

These demo’s and giving the opportunity for our customers to try the system out and get to grips with it have been a really important part of the process here in the UK and Europe and so they will be just as important a tool for our new colleagues in the US.

This week we carried out demos and training in a range of settings – from basketball courts and schools, to warehouses and confidence centres – across two different states; Kansas and Texas and it was really interesting to hear the different challenges that our colleagues in the FM sectors experience in these places.

You can see some photos from the trip over on our Facebook page but dont forget – you can also keep up to date with my travels and adventures day to day over on Twitter at @SpaceVacDM – Im due back in the US soon including some Californian sunshine in November!

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