National Gutters Day 2017

National Gutters Day 2017

24/11/2017 Product Focus Tutorials 0

While the rest of the world is out tracking down a Black Friday bargain, #TeamSpaceVac are all focussed on something far more important – National Gutters Day. 

While it has to be said that the Gutters are an unlikely candidate to be receiving such attention, in our opinion its long overdue as the guttering on homes and businesses are often an unheralded hero – one that you never notice until somethings gone wrong.

Gutters and downpipes are important because they control the flow of rainwater falling on the building which in turn protects your roof, walls, foundation and landscape from erosion and damage. Over time though, often these gutters and downpipes can become clogged and blocked with anything from leaves and stones to birds nests, plants growing and anything in between – we’ve been amazed by some of the things we’ve pulled out of guttering before. When these systems become blocked water can leak and cause damage to the structural integrity of houses and their foundations, as well as causing damp and the associated health problems for the people inside. 

It was exactly this problem which led us to develop the SpaceVac system a decade ago. The system allows operators to clear out blocked guttering from the ground floor without needing ladders, scaffolding or cherry pickers. This means that cleaning the guttering and downpipes on houses and industrial properties is now a whole lot safer, faster and cheaper.

The system is really easy to operate and maintain and is made of lightweight carbon fibre so the full system is still very light and easy to use – even at the full extension of over 15 metres!

You can find out more in the short video below!

In the meantime to talk to us about your high-level cleaning requirements or to book a demonstration of SpaceVac for your business – contact the team in the office on 01604 968668 or tweet our Demonstrations Manager Grant directly on Twitter at @SpaceVacDM


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