SpaceVac in the Spotlight

SpaceVac in the Spotlight

25/04/2018 About SpaceVac SpaceVac Around the World 0
SpaceVac in the Spotlight

Our Demonstrations Manager Grant (@SpaceVacDM)has had a busy few days putting our External cleaning system to work as we have been preparing a new product video on the system for our partners and customers. 

The external system is the heavy duty part of the SpaceVac line – using a wider 50mm variant of our high-level cleaning poles. We use a wider pole when working outside as we’ve found it leads to better airflow and crucially – less blockages – especially useful when you consider the kind of heavy duty dirt, soil, leaves and other materials that tend to lead to blocked gutters.

As well as wider poles, the External system also features heavy duty Aluminium heads that offer a durable set of tools for operators cleaning blocked guttering, hoppers and downpipes. We even supply a camera and monitor system that allows you to monitor the progress of your work from the safety of the ground floor.

Over the course of the week, Grant had the opportunity to put the system to the test in a range of situations  – from warehouses and houses to a very welcoming pub – all of which gave us plenty of opportunities to demonstrate the versatility of the SpaceVac system.

We would love to take this opportunity to thank the teams from So Very Creative in Northampton and Midwinter Films in Copenhagen for their assistance this week – in the meantime we will look forward to sharing the new clips with you soon!


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