Meet the Distributor – OsciClean

Meet the Distributor – OsciClean

20/03/2018 SpaceVac Around the World Uncategorized 0

As we’ve noted a number of times of late on the blog here, International distribution is a key part in SpaceVacs ongoing growth and we are excited to be adding new members to TeamSpaceVac all the time!

Over the coming weeks and months, we are going to be spotlighting a number of our key partners around the world in a series of sort Q&A Interviews. This week taking the first slot in the hot seat is OsciClean in France who began working with SpaceVac earlier in the year. (Which you can read all about here.)


What’s the name of your company?  OSCICLEAN

Where are you based? We are located just a little way North of Paris

How many people work with / for you?   5 – 9 at any one time

When did you first come across SpaceVac? We were introduced by a mutual colleague in the cleaning industry in December 2017

What excited you most about the system? The Simplicity , the light weight of the system and how efficient it was

What do your customers like most about SpaceVac?  The same kind of things we do – the ease and simplicity of the solution!


What’s the first thing you tell people about SpaceVac when describing the system? A product like this speaks for itself – its The best solution!

What kind of buildings and areas do you find SpaceVac most effective at cleaning? The thing we love about SpaceVac is that it has uses in so many different places – we’ve already been using it in large halls, airports, factories, museums like the Orsay etc

Where was your favourite SpaceVac demo? We’ve loved showing off SpaceVac at some of the iconic Paris locations – ROISSY CDG AIRPORT , ORSAY MUSEUM etc

If you are located in France and would like to discuss SpaceVac with the team at OSCICLEAN visit them online at



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