Meet the Dealer – PSS Group

Meet the Dealer – PSS Group

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SpaceVac Dealer PSS Group

This week on the blog, as part of our series of posts highlighting some of our partners across the world, we sat down for a brief (socially distant!) conversation with Margarita from our partner PSS Group in Lithuania…


What’s the name of your company?

We are PSS Group (that means – Professional Sanitary Systems), this is a segment of our business and trade, and certainly, SpaceVac is confidently entering this segment.

Where are you based?

We are located in Lithuania, in our beautiful capital city Vilnius.

How many people work with / for you?

The PSS Group team consists of 9 people at present. The Company started its working activities in 2010 and we’ve been growing steadily since.

When did you first come across SpaceVac?

We first saw the SpaceVac system a few years ago at the Interclean Show in Amsterdam (this would have been May of 2018). Once we had seen the system in action and understood the opportunity, the decision to join the SpaceVac team was not long in coming!

What excited you most about the system?

I think the most important thing that got all of us very excited was its simplicity. In addition we really appreciated and enjoy the reliability of the systems, lightness, safety, and the fact that there are a wide range of systems which we can offer to a wide range of clients…

What do your customers like most about SpaceVac?

Our customers are really satisfied that with the help of this equipment, they can solve their cleaning problems onsite quite simply and conveniently, without extra costs, in a very safe way and get a great result. SpaceVac is something of a “One Man Army”.

What’s the first thing you tell people about SpaceVac when describing the system?

Te first thing we tell people is that SpaceVac is very reliable, simple and easy-to-use, understandable and with no learning curve system for cleaning hard-to-reach spots.

What kind of buildings and areas do you find SpaceVac most effective at cleaning?

We’ve found up to now that SpaceVac systems are very relevant for cleaning rooms and surfaces at a height of more than 4 meters.

Anything else to add?

Frankly speaking, the team in the UK are a great and supportive team to work with! We are very pleased to be part of the professional SpaceVac team, to jointly promote these products and move forward!


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