Making Gutter Cleaning Childs Play

Making Gutter Cleaning Childs Play

19/02/2018 Product Focus SpaceVac Around the World 0
a girl using Spacevac high level gutter cleaner

One of the most common questions that we get asked when out on demonstrations or at events is – how much does the system weigh?

You see, its all very well and good saying that our system can reach up to 15m high from the ground floor but all of those cleaning poles sure add up right? Well not if you’ve got a SpaceVac in your van!

While we pride ourselves on the durability of our lightweight cleaning poles, by manufacturing them in carbon fibre (with matching carbon fibre cleaning heads and tools to complete the system) we are able to keep the weight – even at its maximum extension -right down; making even the toughest of cleans – quick and simple.

However, while the system always looks light and easy to use in the hands of our Demonstrations Manager Grant (@SpaceVacDM on Twitter) who is around the size of the average NFL player; theres no denying how easy the system is to use when in the hands of someone else!
For a perfect demonstration of this, this week – as part of our community outreach activities – we were lucky enough to visit the team at Woodland View Primary School in Northampton who were looking for a little assistance in clearing out the blocked gutters and downpipes on the outside of the school.
Luckily we had the perfect tool for the job in our External cleaning system and by the end of the day we had the school in top shape again.
The most perfect demonstration of how easy and light SpaceVac is though, came from some of the children at the school who were keen to get involved and try the system out for themselves. As you can see from the photos below, the poles were so light and easy to use – even the kids were up and running in no time!
To see for yourself – book a free demonstration on your premises today. Please visit the booking form here, alternatively contact us by telephone on 01604 968668 or tweet the Demo Team directly at @SpaceVacDM
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