Introducing: Focus On Textiles

Introducing: Focus On Textiles

02/03/2020 About SpaceVac ATEX Resources 0

The textiles industry – from production to large scale laundries – present a range of challenges for cleaners and facilities managers.

During the processes carried out in these facilities, dust and lint can disperse and settle both above and below the eye line. Unfortunately – out of sight might mean out of mind, it doesn’t mean out of danger.

This creates a number of risks for all involved – not least innumerable health issues caused by the the small dust particles in these raw materials which can also be endotoxins and thus harmful if ingested into the lungs.

In addition, the lint and dust particles themselves are actually potentially explosive – meaning that left unchecked, this combustible dust can build up throughout the facility and potentially ignite; causing catastrophic loss of life and property.

SpaceVac International and our market leading ATEX approved high-level cleaning system, provides cleaners, Facilities Managers and building owners with a safe, fast and cost-efficient way to remove these hazards from the environments with none of the risks associated with traditional cleaning methods.

Over the course of this week on the blog, we are going to examine some of the risks and dangers present within the Textiles and Laundry industry as well as see how SpaceVac and our market leading ATEX cleaning system provide the perfect tool for managing these hazards.

In the meantime – to discuss your requirements with us in detail, please be sure to contact us today.


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