The Importance of Gutter Cleaning

The Importance of Gutter Cleaning

12/09/2018 Gutter Cleaning Uncategorized 0
Gutter Cleaning System in Action

As you may or may not know, SpaceVac was first devised a decade ago in response to a very clear gap in the market – the need for a system that solved the question of how to clean blocked gutters.

At the time, the generally accepted method of cleaning these areas was to get the operator up to the same level as the gutter itself. This usually meant that the operator would have to access the guttering via a ladder, scaffolding, cherry pickers or even in some extreme cases – by utilising the services of an abseil service.

All of these methods come with their own inherent flaws – putting aside how long it takes to clean like this, or how expensive items like cherry pickers can be to hire – all of these methods often proved very dangerous with cleaners high up in the air.

Our External and Gutter Cleaning system solved all of these issues by allowing access to the gutters and downpipes from the ground floor with our interlocking pole system.

These poles combine up to a total height of 16m and as a result – guttering up to 5 stories high can be easily can be cleared and cleaned of debris in no time – and at a fraction of the cost. The poles are made of a super durable but lightweight composite to mean that even at their full extension they remain very lightweight and easy to use. Better yet, all of the poles – as well as the cleaning heads and tools that come with the system – all feature our unique safety locking mechanism (see video below to see this mechanism in action) to ensure that they stay securely in place and don’t separate and fall when the kit is in use.

It’s the time of year when blocked gutters will start to become a problem for our clients across the world. As leaves begin to fall and winds and rain increase guttering can quickly become blocked with all manner of organic materials.

If left unchecked this can pose a number of problems for building owners. As water has to find alternative routes, drips and leaks will develop which over time can cause damp and other problems. Unchecked – these issues can pose not only a risk to the integrity of the structure of the building, but also the health of the occupants inside.

In some extreme cases, insurance companies have been known to even refuse cover and payouts to building owners that have neglected this part of their FM regime, so its crucially important to keep on top of this often overlooked area.

See for yourself the difference a SpaceVac can make by booking a demo on your premises today. You can contact the team to arrange a demo in any of the usual ways, or you can use the short form located here.


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