How Can A Lumitester Benefit You And Your Workplace?

How Can A Lumitester Benefit You And Your Workplace?

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How Can a Lumitester Benefit You and Your Workplace? 

A Lumitester is a new device that is starting to find widespread use across a wide range of industries, who have quickly recognised that fast accurate testing is a crucial part of some areas of both workplaces and residential properties.

In this blog, we’ll be looking at these benefits in greater detail, as well as taking an overview of what the Lumitester is and how it works. After reading through this blog, we hope there is a good chance you decide to invest in a Lumitester for your workplace.


The New Lumitest From SpaceVac

SpaceVac – along with our sister company Tecnovap UK – are the only companies to distributing the brand new version of the Lumitester for sale here in the UK.

This device has been independently certified under strict testing conditions, with Kikkoman’s A3 technology provides the Lumitest unmatched powers of detection. This means it can work faster to identify residues at levels of which other devices can not begin to match. And the faster any harmful bacteria is detected the earlier it can be dealt with and prevented from making anyone ill.


Benefits For the Food Industry

A sector that will benefit from a device such as the Lumitester is the food industry. Here we’re talking about an area where cleanliness is essential, and if any bacteria is lurking then it needs to be dealt with as efficiently as possible. In the food industry, there is the added danger of bacteria finding its way onto food and then all those that later consume it becoming ill as a result. This is why the Lumitester can be vital in these circumstances within the food industry.

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Any offending bacteria can be dealt with in three easy steps. Firstly, the area should be swabbed and inserted into the main body. For step two, shake well and insert into the Lumitester. And finally, for step three, a reading will display the measurement within just 10 seconds, helping you to identify bacteria and pathogens in a thoroughly efficient manner.

This tool has a very high sensitivity threshold, so it can detect ATP+ADP+AMP to find food residue and microorganisms that might be missed by other systems. Although this sort of product is very beneficial to certain industries, it should be noted that the device can be used anywhere. This means that any area can be monitored for hygiene, the device is completely safe and convenient to use wherever you’re located.


Other Great Benefits:

This is an easy to use system that is effective and requires very little training. It’s a small device that does not take up a lot of room, so it’s convenient to have plenty around in a large area where it may make sense to do so. 

Hopefully, you’re now more knowledgeable on the Lumitester and can appreciate the benefits that the device provides for some key areas of both the working landscape and the residential one. This is a technology that is likely to see increased usage as the year’s progress and become more widespread in various industries, but especially in the food and drink industry.

But as it currently stands, especially in this current climate, the Lumitester is a very handy device to have around, helping to ensure clean workplaces, and providing extra peace of mind for key areas such as the food industry. It’s a product to help encourage a clean environment for both work and home life that is definitely worth your consideration.


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