High Reach Cleaning For Sports Centres | Everything You Need To Know

High Reach Cleaning For Sports Centres | Everything You Need To Know

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Whilst you may only think to clean your floors and sports equipment, it’s also vital that you give attention to your ceilings and higher spaces. Having a dirty ceiling is a definite way to put your customers off coming to your sports facility and it can look unprofessional if left to gather dust and cobwebs. Not only this but balls, shuttlecocks and other sports equipment can get lost in the rafters of your sports hall if not regularly checked.   

Sports facilities should be areas of cleanliness and good hygiene, so it needs to remain that way for the sake of your users and workers. It could also pose health and safety hazards if items fall from the ceiling – so it needs to be a priority to regularly check and clean your high up spaces.   

Sports centres often have high ceilings that are difficult to clean with regular cleaning equipment, but by using high level cleaning equipment you can safely reach all of the tall parts of your sports facility. Find Out what high level cleaning equipment you need and how it can be used to help make cleaning your sports centre faster, easier and safer. 


What Equipment Do You Need To Clean A Leisure Centre?

Internal Cleaning Systems

The most important piece of equipment you will need to clean the high up spaces in your leisure centre or sports facility is an internal cleaning system. For the tallest of internal spaces such as high sports halls, you will require a system with adequate reach. The SpaceVac Internal Classic High Level Cleaning system offers an impressive 12m of reach, making cleaning high up spaces quick and simple. 

For smaller sports facilities where something smaller and more dynamic is required, the SpaceVac Pioneer is a fantastic option. It is a powerful cleaning system that fits comfortably onto the back of the user, making for a dynamic and manoeuvrable system. Still, it boasts an impressive 20 feet of reach – perfect for ground and first-floor cleaning.    


High Level Cleaning Equipment Accessories

Because sports centres have such high ceilings with an assortment of difficult-to-clean places, specialist equipment is required. One of the main difficulties when cleaning the ceilings of your sports facility is the variation in height and design within each room. 

SpaceVac cleaning systems can be used with a wide range of specialist accessories, designed to provide additional options when needed. There are add-ons suited to removing water and condensation, precise suction nozzles for more intricate areas, or multi-angle brushes that can reach awkward areas such as on top of vents. 


Investing In SpaceVac’s High Level Internal Cleaning Systems

When cleaning sports facilities, it’s important to have as little downtime as possible. Unlike industrial and commercial environments, sports facilities can remain open for long periods of time. It’s quite common for gyms to be open for 24 hours, or leisure centres to open from early in the morning until late at night. This means that cleaning must be undertaken in as little time as possible to avoid disruption. 

With interior high level cleaning equipment, you can clean your high level spaces far faster than with regular cleaning equipment – simply vacuum an area and then quickly move on to the next section. 

Sports facilities require good air quality for them to remain safe and comfortable to use. By helping to reduce dust buildup, you will make it easier to breathe for users carrying out high intensity training or with respiratory medical conditions such as asthma.  


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Safety is a major concern when cleaning high-up sections inside sports facilities. Your cleaners would ordinarily have to use a ladder to reach high up places, meaning there is a greater risk of injury from falling. Floors in sports facilities such as sports halls or swimming pools are also often smooth and potentially slippery. However, by using SpaceVac high level cleaning equipment you can eliminate this risk and clean from the safety of the ground. 

As mentioned, sports facilities come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. You may need to clean the ceiling of your gymnasium, swimming pool or foyet, all of which may require vastly different cleaning methods. Add to this that there may be vent systems, intricate wood or metal internal beams or unique sports equipment (such as basketball hoops or gymnasium equipment) to manoeuvre around, and you can see why internal cleaning can be difficult. SpaceVac Vacuums can be used with a range of different accessories to make cleaning awkward-shaped buildings.

Read our case study on how SpaceVac was able to bring a huge public leisure centre back to life by using our internal cleaning systems.


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