Explosive Atmosphere | The Different Legislations from Around the World

Explosive Atmosphere | The Different Legislations from Around the World

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Explosive Atmosphere | The Different Legislations from Around the World

An explosive atmosphere in the workplace is extremely dangerous. The cause of an explosive atmosphere is flammable mists, gases, vapours or combustible dust mixing with the air. Why is this dangerous? Because there is a risk of spontaneous combustion occurring at any moment.

Obviously, an explosive atmosphere is something that you need to prevent. If you suspect your workplace may have an explosive atmosphere it is important to fix it. The control of fire and explosive risks are covered by different legislations across the world. But what is the regulation and legislation in the UK:


Explosive Atmosphere DSEAR Regulations

DSEAR is a regulatory act from 2002. It stands for Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmosphere Regulations. The DSEAR regulations are legislation that lists how employers are required to protect their employees from combustible substances. As well as explosive atmospheres. This is how DSEAR regulations work:

DSEAR regulations require employers to classify workplace areas where explosive atmospheres may occur into zones. For dangerous, combustible gases, vapours, and mists the zones are 0,1, or 2. For dangerous dust, the possible zones are 20, 21, or 22. These zones must also be clearly signed in the workplace as well as on paper.

But what about another explosive atmosphere legislation from around the world:


Explosive Atmosphere ATEX & IECEx

IECEx is an international system for the certification of equipment for use in explosive atmospheres. ATEX is a similar certification to ICEx that is almost indistinguishable. It also covers equipment for use in explosive atmospheres, but instead in the European Union. If you are looking for effective and safe explosive atmosphere removal equipment an ATEX certification is essential.

If you need ATEX certified equipment for use in an explosive atmosphere, here is how SpaceVac can help:

Explosive Atmosphere

SpaceVac ATEX Pro

What do you need when dealing with something as dangerous as an explosive atmosphere? The answer is high-level vacuum cleaning equipment. The patented SpaceVac ATEX Pro is a tool specifically designed for industrial cleaning. In industrial workplace areas labelled as explosive atmosphere zones.

Why is it the best piece of kit for the job? Because the system is 100% fully conductive, to guarantee there is no risk of sparks. The ATEX system has a reach of 8.6m and is made from 100% carbon. This is another measure to ensure non-spark, antic-static functioning inside enclosed explosive atmospheres.

You can adapt the heads and tools at the end of the pole to adapt the system to suit your job requirements. As well as special accessories such as anti-static brushes and carbon fibre heads. With the system, our aim is to ensure your safety. Because we understand that the safety of people who work within an industrial setting is the most important thing. As well as the safety of the person using the ATEX system.

If you have any questions or queries about explosive atmospheres or our ATEX system, get in touch today:


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