Common Signs of Blocked Gutters | Gutter Cleaning

Common Signs of Blocked Gutters | Gutter Cleaning

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Do your gutters seem a little bit off? Does it seem like your gutters are spilling over the sides instead of draining properly? Noticing small puddles around or in the house? The most common answer for all of the above scenarios is a blocked gutter. A blocked gutter can have a tremendous impact on the welfare of your home or business. Keep reading our blog to learn common signs of a blocked gutter, to prevent any potential damage from happening to your gutters.

4 Signs Your Gutters Are Blocked

Water Spilling Out

If your roof is slowly turning into a makeshift waterfall & a large amount of water is spilling over the sides of your gutters, then it is time to get in the professionals! It’s a key sign that something isn’t right. When your gutters clog up, this pushes the water over the sides of the gutters and then this can cause damage to your garden, home or work environment.


Sagging Gutter

When leaves & debris that have fallen into the gutter become wet from rainfall, it essentially turns into sludge. The water will also make this lot heavier. As a result of the water and debris mixing together, it will push the gutter down and possibly break them. You will then notice the gutters looking saggy and this is an indication that they aren’t serving the purpose they are meant to be.


Presence of Rust or Marks

Water damage is associated with all sorts of problems such as dark marks on the exterior of your home or even rust. If you start noticing rust, dark marks or even mould this could be due to the amount of water that is being held in the gutter and spilling over onto the exterior of the home. If this doesn’t get time to dry this can cause mould coming through into the actual building. Mildew, rust and mould can damage your guttering system and lead to significant issues, when you notice these issues, don’t put them in the back of your mind they won’t go away on their own, make sure you call a professional like us, we can help you get rid of all the gutter worries you may be having.


Cleaning gutters


A Sudden Invasion of Critters

Are there a lot more birds on the roof than normal? If so, this could because they are making a potential new home in your guttering system. Due to the leaves and moss being very moist lots more spiders & insects will be attracted to the area. Before you know it, your gutters have become a zoo! It’s time to reach out to us and discuss our external high-level gutter cleaning systems, give us a call on 01604 968668.


Fortunately, There is a Solution

How Spacevac can help you… we are the world’s leading manufacturer of high-level vacuum cleaning, we can help you get back your clean gutter with our revolutionising gutter cleaner. If you have noticed problems with your gutter don’t hesitate to give us a call on or head over to our contact page to fill in the online enquiry form.

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