Case Study: RPC Containers

Case Study: RPC Containers

06/11/2019 Case Studies 0
spacevac ultra in use at warehouse

RPC Containers are one of the largest manufacturers of moulded plastic fittings and fixtures in the UK with over 47 sites.

The team onsite had previously struggled with cleaning the facility – an imperative given the constant build up of dust produced during the manufacture process – dust that needed to be removed to avoid potential combustion or potentially causing a fire

The previous cleaning methods utilised onsite had been extremely expensive and time consuming to get the work completed. Firstly due to the size of the facility – a huge team of 10 cleaners were required to tackle the job in anything like a timely amount of time.

In addition to this large team, access to the upper levels of the facility also required 6 hydraulic platforms to be bought in as well each time the facility was cleaned – adding nearly £6,000 per clean to the total cost as well.

In all the total Price for each clean was over £16,000 per clean (including cost of hydraulic platforms)

“The previous company had used a great deal more manpower and had also hired in 6 platforms to allow them to clean the high areas, Spacevac reduced the manpower needed by a huge amount and also did not require any platforms, which realised an excellent cost saving for RPC.” (Jamie, RPC)

By tackling the job with a SpaceVac, 2 Cleaners were equipped with SpaceVac’s ATEX cleaning system – to ensure operator safety when removing the potentially combustible dust from the site, were able to clean the entire facility from the ground floor – with no requirement for any additional access equipment.

With no access equipment to move into place and no other impediment to cleaning, t time required to clean the facility in Rushden was reduced to just 4 days  – drastically reducing downtime onsite.

The total price to the end user by approaching the clean in this manner was just £3,200 – a total saving £12,800 PER CLEAN.

“When I received contact from Spacevac about their high level cleaning systems and also their specialist cleaning service, I accepted the offer of a site survey and it was then very apparent that there was significant benefits in both safety and cost savings.

We decided to have a trial clean of 4 sections of the site and I was extremely pleased with how fast and efficient the service was and how it was able to gain access to all of the areas needing attention, without the requirement for hiring platforms, it also then became very evident that some of this work could now be scheduled at more convenient times for RPC rather than all at holiday close downs.” 

Due to the many benefits they have now been approved to clean the rest of our facility, and are making appointments with our partner sites to provide quotes.” (Jamie RPC)


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