Case Study – Ikea, Sweden

Case Study – Ikea, Sweden

28/03/2018 Case Studies SpaceVac Around the World 0
Using our high reach cleaning tools in Ikea store

SpaceVac’s Internal cleaning system was the perfect choice when swedish retailer Ikea were looking for a high-level cleaning solution. 

As you will know from visiting any Ikea store, there is a very particular, fixed layout inside and a lot of areas requiring cleaning and maintenance – handled by an outsourced company.

Historically, the FM team onsite had to clean the myriad of high-level installations in-store as well as built up dust in the myriad of overhead cable trays found in all of the stores. These trays were important as they carried all of the lighting, power and data supply across the store but are exposed to dust.

When dust built up in these cable trays, the cables inside are not able to cool sufficiently, and as a result – the built up dust becomes a fire hazard.

Where previously, a 2 man team utilised a hydraulic platform on wheels to clean small areas at a time, SpaceVac enabled one man to clean the same area much faster with less impact on the rest of the store.

The systems range of heads, tools and brushes offered operators options to access even the most inaccessible areas instore in a fraction of the time – which in turn saved substantially on hire costs, and the cleaning costs themselves.

As a result of driving itself over an intensive trial period, SpaceVac is now an integral part of the Facilities Management agreement in place across all Swedish Ikea stores.


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