Always with Safety at Heart…

Always with Safety at Heart…

03/08/2017 Product Focus Tutorials 0

This week on the blog, we decided to hand the keys over to our gadget-loving Technical Manager Andy (find him on twitter @AndyCollar) to talk about a recent innovation across all of our range of cleaning poles and accessories…

When we first developed the technology that would become the SpaceVac system some ten years ago, the system was a fairly simple one that utilised some fairly rudimentary elements; Indeed, we’re not ashamed to say that at one point – an early revision of our system in fact featured a repurposed part of a car hose (come to think of it – we can think of at least one company who should be ashamed that their system still does!)

Being engineers though – we weren’t prepared to settle for that and have spent the last ten years finding new ways to refine and improve our system at every turn; from sourcing better quality cameras and monitors, down to the development of our new line of carbon fibre cleaning heads (A blog on which will be appearing here very shortly) – everything has been geared around improving the system for the benefit of our customers and users.

The latest development to the system that we are very excited about, is the rollout of our “Safety Locking” mechanism. I’ve talked on the blog before (Link to previous blog) about how this mechanism solves some of the age old problems encountered by our colleagues when gutter cleaning and utilising these high-level poles. Ensuring that the poles stay safely in place when the system is in use, and ensuring they come apart easily when you are packing the kit away.

What we are really excited about however is the news that we have now extended this unique feature across the whole of our range.


This means that all SpaceVac systems – Internal, External and Atex varieties – now all feature this unique piece of manufacturing, meaning all of our poles, heads, brushes and tools will easily assemble and crucially – stay together during operation; ensuring the continued safety of our operators out in the field.

To get to grips with the new generation of SpaceVac manufacturing, book a demo of the system today by calling my colleagues in the office on 01604 968668 or tweeting our Demonstration Manager Grant on @SpaceVacDM

Until next time!


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